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The poem:
Poetry With A Mission

Specially featured page that includes more of my poems, which, due to their nature, may or may not contain some degree of Christian content where deemed necessary for the purpose, and a few are, in fact.

2.  I'm No Hero
3.  I Can't Talk?
4.  Don't Want To Offend?

5.  Count On Me
6.  Long Live Free Speech!
7.  I Am Charlie, But...

8.  Never Hinder Protest
9.  Notes From Adolph
10.  Wake Up, Humanity!
11.  The Young
Aren't Stupid
12.  Just Say It
13.  Best It's Hollered
14.  Don't Get Too Hung Up On Delivery
15.  Canaries In The Mine
16.  Foul Play
17.  Flight MH17
18.  Flight MH370
19.  With Syria In Mind
20.  ISIS
21.  Religion's Baddies
22.  Some Of The Nicest Folk Aren't Christians
23.  In Search Of Good Men
24.  We Two-sided Like A Coin
25.  Is This You And Your Dad?
26.  Know Where It's At
27.  Dear Women
28.  Fallen Soldiers
Of Depression
29.  That Gnawing Gap

30.  Expect A Lot From Leaders
31.  Are You Balanced?
32.  Women Held Captive
33.  Then Came Planet Earth
34.  A Confused Generation
35.  The One Poem That All Should Read
36.  I'm Concerned, America
37.  To My Fellow Protestants
38.  What's Really Going On?
39.  ISIS-like Christians
40.  There's No Eternally Burning Hell
41.  No One's Gone Anywhere
42.  Not Just Christians  Saved
43.  Beware Of Angels
44.  It's Us, Not God!
45.  In Defence Of God
46.  God Didn't Cause That Earthquake
47.  Darwin's Folly
48.  Did You Know...?
49.  Sorry, Michael
50.  To All, Though Particularly...
51.  As For The Likes Of Dynamo
52.  That's Hollywood For You
53.  Apparently
54.  Unconditional Love?
55.  A Million Miles Away

 You've come to the right website if you're HURTING,

or simply wanting to be entertained via the light-hearted, or informed, stirred or  challenged via the thought provoking.
By the way:
You've got nothing to lose and possibly much to gain given that the material on this website will stimulate and  broaden your thinking, and could spare you and your loved ones from some serious ill.
please bear in mind that this website is more designed to tap folk on the shoulder rather than pat them on the back.
the poems that are presented here act somewhat like a referee's whistle, a teacher's chalk, a tradesman's toolbox, a cleaner's brush and shovel, and yes, a friendly camper's fire. 

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My mentioning of any website doesn't imply a  blanket endorsement.

What is LOVE?

Something thats focus is outward and upward;
Something that’s open and transparent;
Something that’s energizing, uplifting, warming and giving;
Something that’s deep, strong, lofty, personal and universal;
Something that’s pure, innocent, bright and real;
Something that’s active and constant;
Something that never harms in any way;
Something that’s origin is clearly faultless and thus outside our sphere.
Something that’s total, all-embracing; and one might say unconditional in the sense of its acceptance in other words, regardless of one's race, religion, looks, status, past and so on.

But best you see my poem
Unconditional Love?
which can be found in the orange box above, # 54.

Anyway, all why love should always be behind and throughout everything that we say and do, and thus its remaining odour reminding folk of its pleasing visitation.

And remember this too:

Mercy can’t function without the undeserving.
Forgiveness can’t function without the violator.
Tolerance can’t function without the irritator.
Acceptance can’t function without the spoiler.
Growth can’t function without the challenger.
Patience can’t function without the provoker.
Courage can’t function without the intimidator.
Perseverance can’t function without the frustrating.
And endurance can't function without the testing.


"Love needs no man to explain it, but calls all men to express it."

"An evil act always has a rotten root."

"How any country treats its poor and deals with poverty, depends on how high a regard it has for humanity."

"The welfare safety net has nothing to do with the left but everything to do with what's right."

“It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to find solid evidence for many truths given that those behind the scenes, (and often in sheep’s clothing), hardly advertise their evil doings and vigorously discredit both messenger and his or her possible discovery, which, may still be in the making and thus even easier for folk to portray as another conspiracy theory.”

“Before we knock conspiracy theories, we should remember that history is awash with conspiracies, evil plotters having had a feild day."

"Evil men often leave no trace of their involvement and direct from the shadows."

"The only thing that stops a hell bent society is disaster."

“Ladders are for sharing, not hogging.”

"That which many find too hard to believe is often the believable in unfamiliar clothing.”

"Love says what others don't, won't, or can't, and the reason it does is, because it should and must."

"Opinions show a thinking man or woman."

"If we don’t have some kind of moral code written on our conscience and sown in our heart, we won’t be concerned about breaking any civil law, and why the former is far more important than the latter."

"If love was admiring its reflection, would that reflection be you?"

"Never mistake straight talking for coldness, hardness or legalism, as it's simply truth with its working clothes on."

"We’re living in a time where most prefer fables to truth, and where truth is indeed being exchanged for fables."

“Sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors seem the order of the day.”

“Most people are fooled because of their ignorance or disbelief.”

“The greatest poverty is that which is found in too many hearts and minds.”

“This world will only be a better place when it’s full of better people.”

"Out of suffering comes empathy."

“It’s not wealth that’s the problem, but the selfish and irresponsible misuse of it.”

“Hard times always pick on the needy.”

"Every day that we're given is too precious to waste, for every day that we're given cannot be replaced."

“There’s a little bit of everyone in all of us.”

“Discontent is folly’s opportunity.”

"Wealth should never be seen apart from an acute conscience and deep sense of duty.”

"Sense comes with age, but seldom with the ages."

“It’s crystal-clear that some things aren’t.”

"The degree to which we care is measured by the degree of our effort."

“If someone has created their own unfortunate situation, it not only doesn’t pay to rub their nose in it, but  speaks volumes of us if we do.”

“Duty is often nothing more than a poor substitute for willingness.”

"Memories are always better when they're preceded by wise choices and selfless acts."

“To laugh at someone’s misfortune is to invite your own.”

"Our life is shallow and empty until it’s filled with loving words and deeds that quench the thirst in others."

"If we're not prepared to help somone who's broken down on the road of life, we can't complain if they're slowing down the traffic and holding us up."

“Loneliness doesn't necessarily imply that one’s alone.”

“I find it intriguing how many who’ve been there are no longer in touch with where they’ve been.”

"Those who bury their head in the sand miss seeing the incoming tide."

"Your past is not the present, unless you let the present remain your past."

"Open minds are precious things, for such are seldom found and sorely needed."

"Bigotry, something that's still alive and ill."

“The scarcity of facts is the lifeblood of armchair critics.”

"Let's look after those poor creatures that we raise to butcher and eat 

“If Robin Hood were alive today, his excuse would no doubt be the same.”

“Hidden justice isn’t justice, nor its judge or jury worthy.”

"Our responding badly to someone’s personal expressions makes us just as worthy of the same condemnation that’s coming from us."

"If you’re afraid to say it, chances are you should."

"The man a woman marries can make or break her life, and hence why a woman should do her homework before she becomes a wife."

"We should always respect another’s right to their view, and no matter how objectionable it may be, for what is personal expression if it can’t be expressed, and given that their right to such is that very same right that we have? — one too precious to lose due to anyone objecting."

"No voice should be silenced lest all voices be silenced."

"Earth's wounds are humanity's shame."

“Freedom’s only as safe as we are free.”

“Those who willingly tend the throne of he who acts by force, are often the victims of that very same iron fist.”

“Those who plot have lost the plot.”

“What evil men can’t get by consent, they take by stealth or force.”

“Cold hearts are the result of frozen minds.”

“We all have the same brain, but not all have the same heart.”

“Political correctness knows neither humour nor charity.”

“If as much time was spent on others as most spend on themselves, there would be a lot less folk seeking help from others and more time for others to spend on themselves.”

“Good health is determined more by one’s mouth and mind.”

“If you’re blessed with much, bless those with less.”

“People are often generous with a little but seldom with a lot.”

"The welfare system is a country’s heartbeat. Thus, strong beat — healthy condition, weak beat — terminal condition."

“There’s nothing more odious than class distinctions.”

“One can’t be in tune with nature and out of tune with their fellowman.”

“It could be said that the two greatest offences are the violating of the innocent and the neglecting of the needy.”

“Scapegoats are always the victims of something that they’ve had nothing to do with.”

“No, they, he, her, wouldn’t do that — oh dear, naivety, naivety.”

It’s better to have a clear conscience than a fear of shadows.”

"Truth will only open like a bud where it's tended by an open mind."

“What’s right has never hurt anyone, but what’s wrong has always hurt everyone.”

"If truth was counting its supporters, would you be one of them?"

"Laughter does for the body what a surgeon can't."

"When we engage in attempting good via evil, we prove that we aren’t good given we’re still acting evilly."

“Those whose hearts are dark, oft clothe themselves in light.”

“History only teaches us what we remember.”

“Love one another is good advice, that each may live long on the Earth.”

“Truth is as popular as it suits.”

"This world will always be worse off for every good man or women who leaves it."

“One grows as one goes.”

"Kindness never costs a thing but is money in the bank, an investment bearing interest that on life's share market always rises and never sinks."

“The trouble with birthdays is that they blab one’s age.”

“Self-preservation is a short-term fix that afflicts everyone in the long-term.”

"Always remember that tougher sentences and harsher jails mean greater suffering for the wrongly convicted, of which there are far too many."

“A promise not kept was but a lie in disguise.”

“Love’s better seen than heard, for when it’s not seen, it’s merely a word.”

“Sex has become nothing more than the favourite pastime of a morally bankrupt society.”

“Given that television has become the new teacher, parent, nanny and pastor, it’s no surprise that society is heading for disaster.”

“Life’s not a blank cheque but a limited sum that we need to spend wisely.”

“Our life should not consist of what we take but what we give.”

“Too many pits are dug by borrowed spades.”

“It’s better to whistle than grump.”

"Love seeks what's best, does what's right, and says what's true."

“Poverty tests society,  wealth humanity.”

“If it’s not acceptable to lie, why is it considered acceptable to pretend?”

“When a man wounds the heart of his wife via betrayal 
adultery  he sells his soul for thirty pieces of silver.”

“The better things of the past are often exchanged for the worst of the present day.”

"The more women dress sexy, the more men become lusty."

"A dance, sex and booze fusion doesn’t equate to life but more debauchery."

“One wrongly opened door can lead to many more.”

“To punish folk for cruelty to animals; to speak of animal rights and liberation; to set up animal shelters and clinics; to weep over the loss of a pet, and then unnecessarily slaughter and eat animals, is to surely render ourselves hypocrites; send a very confusing message to the young; and to display a selective sensitivity that would do a dictator proud.”

"When people live off the fat of the land, that fat eventually kills them."

"Though plainness may not turn heads, beauty can only but eventually disappoint."

"Good people aren't born but are the product of their choosing."

"We only care as much as we try."

"Bad governments always look for scapegoats."

“The home is the training ground, the intention being, that once trained, forever worthy.”

“Throwing antidepressants at children is no small crime.”

"Treasure's often not recognized until it's plundered."

“It’s better to live in peace than to end up in pieces.”

"The petty only attracts the petty."

"To gain the world, one only needs to fool the mass."

“War is a catastrophic fouler of planet Earth.”

“We all like to think that we’re better than we are, and hence how we hinder and delay our growth.”

“Everyone is guilty of wrongdoing, but none more so than those whose acts are planned, deliberate and violating.”

“Countries that torture their enemies can’t be trusted not to torture their own.”

“If you hear a voice in your head saying, “Kill,” it’s not a heavenly one but a Satanic one — the product of delusion, derangement or drugs.”

“No matter how noble the cause may seem, soldiers are but sanctioned killers, and we implicated via our enlisting their help or our patriotic cheers.”

“Only the watchful, informed and knowing see those nibbles at liberty that eventually lead to its being devoured entirely.”

"Ignorance is more oft an excuse than a reason.”

“The ones who tell us what we don’t like to hear are usually the ones who truly care.”

“Truth bows to no one’s displeasure, but may choose its time and place.”

“The acceptance of something that’s not good or right is usually preceded by incremental steps.”

“There’s no greater hypocrisy than acting violently when protesting against the mistreatment of humanity.”

“To be defensive of any cherished belief when confronted with evidence to the contrary, is to simply deceive ourselves and continue to propagate error.”

"Beware any man who's bowed to, worshipped and followed, for what mortal would have the gall to soak in such God-like adoration?"

“Compromise: Something that’s either positive or negative.”

"A passion for truth will spare us from lies and deception."

"Oft subtle is the web that ensnares."

"When someone considers them self as either a republican or democrat, say, they reveal their inability to see the flaws in either and the foolishness of such left and right enslavement."

"Those who exchange rights for security are but the biggest of fools, for such security is but an illusion, and such a perilous exchange a gift to any would-be enemy-cum- those whose cunning is well versed in cause and effect."

"Scary times, scary laws."

“Exchanging certain rights for security wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for Earth’s history and that those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.”

"The State's role in the lives of its citizens should be as minimal as possible, and likewise, the Church's role no larger than an individual desires."

“If evolutionists took their case to court, it would be thrown out due to insufficient evidence, and they, charged with playing with what evidence they’d produced in order to protect their own creation.”

“When we exchange creation by design for evolution by itself, we end up with no guidelines, no boundaries, no direction, no purpose, no hope and no accountability — good reason for treating evolution as nothing more than a theory, and a bad one at that.”

“Selfishness, violence and hate are the surest sign of a fallen creation, and selflessness, pacifism and love the surest sign that once it wasn’t.”

“When men seek thrones of adulation and power, they certainly aren’t emulating He who entered on a donkey and departed on a cross.”

“If the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah came back to life, I’m sure that  they would feel right at home.”

“Any religion that has a secret side to it; that insists that it's the only one to be followed; that justifies persecution and the taking of life; that’s end is that all become subject to it; that seeks the aid of military might and courts; that demands its leader be worshipped, is clearly not of God.”

“I’d rather believe in a God who isn’t, than not believe in a God who is.”

“To judge God when you don't have an intimate relationship with Him, nor a sound and objective understanding of His Word, is to err and condemn without being ignorant of the fact.”

As mentioned, these quotes are my very own creation, and one or two have been taken from the page that is entitled:
Author's Pen.

Here's another way of putting things:

Push LOVE and TRUTH out the door and in skips
coldness, darkness, falsehood, deception, treachery and hopelessness.
Push LAW and BOUNDARIES out the door and in skips
anarchy, evil, corruption, villainy, insolence and contempt.
Push MORALS and PRINCIPLES out the door and in skips
depravity, degeneracy, thoughtlessness, dishonourableness, scandal and shame.
Push COMPASSION and MERCY out the door and in skips
insensitivity, callousness, unfairness, abuse, cruelty and injustice.
Push WISDOM and THOUGHT out the door and in skips
folly, error, misfortune, hurt, injury and regret.
Push ETIQUETTE and MANNERS out the door and in skips
rudeness, cheek, disrespect, offence, unsophistication and embarrassment.
Push CHARITY and KINDNESS out the door and in skips
selfishness, miserliness, greed, indifference, hardheartedness and meanness.
Push TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY out the door and in skips
crookedness, skulduggery, deceit, pretence, lies and fraudulence.

And yes, I'm sure this could be added to and improved upon.

Regarding men and women:

Equal in worth and being yet designed to compliment rather than compete with each other — and this via their unique or particular feminine or masculine traits and design, and even via tailor-made roles that have more to do with instinct, bent and sense than cultural conditioning or appointing.

Some light relief.
Forget about a gaggle of geese;
 What about:

A clutter of teenagers.
A bunch of florists.
A pocket of tailors.
A puff of smokers.
A string of musicians.
A batch of bakers.
A clump of gardeners.
A sprinkling of priests.
A body of nudists.
A stream of fishermen.
A plot of undertakers.
A parcel of postmen.
A couch of psychologists.
A burden of politicians.
A pack of gamblers.
A trickle of plumbers.
A side of butchers.
A pile of dustmen.
A case of ventriloquists.
A clutch of bankers.
A snatch of thieves.
A range of hikers.
A stock of shopkeepers.
A mass of scientists.
A run of painters.
A mess of cleaners.
A jab of doctors.
A herd of hunters.
A flock of pastors.
A raft of sailors.
A measure of cooks.
A splash of swimmers.
A flash of electricians.
A field of farmers.
A patch of sewers
A sum of accountants.
A slice of surgeons.
A fist of boxers.
A grasp of masseurs.
A whirl of dancers.
A burst of comedians.
A perch of orators.
A track of cyclists.
A bulge of weightlifters.
A blanket of nurses.
A rack of dressmakers.
A flare of artists.
A chapter of authors.
A rush of paramedics.
A file of lawyers.
A bench of judges.
A dose of pharmacists.
A school of teachers.
A shoal of divers.
A chain of prisoners.
A nest of builders.
A stretch of athletes.
A trace of detectives.
A span of engineers.
A spree of criminals.
A collection of auctioneers.
A cluster of jewellers.

If you had known the occupation that your children would choose, would you have named them accordingly?

Mechanic — Jack
Teacher — Mark, Dean
Policeman — Bobby, Marshall
Disc Jockey — Mike
Jeweller — Pearl
Cashier — Penny, Bob
Florist — Rose, Iris, Daisy, Poppy
Artist — Drew
Waitress — Dinah
Fitness Instructor — Jim, Skip
Gardener — Ivy, Doug
Road Worker — Miles
Weather forecaster — Gail, Dawn, Ray
Poet — Fraser
Detective — Casey
Bailiff — Harris
Car salesman — Lincoln, Rob
Chef — Stewart, Patty
Dog Handler — Rolf
Tattooist — Pierce
Farmer — Dale, Angus
Engineer — Bridget
Cook — Basil, Rosemary, Olive, Ginger
Gemmologist — Jade, Crystal, Ruby
Geologist — Pete, Clayton, Sandy, Shelly
Real Estate Agent — Homer
Musician — Blair, Melody
Chimney Sweep — Ash
Fix It Man — Andy
Forrester — Glen, Heath
Quarry Worker — Pitt
Banker — Ritchie
Demolition Man — Rick
Lawyer — Sue, Will
Hairdresser — Shawn, Nick
Actor — Oscar
Pastor — Christian, Neal
Cleaner — Lou, John, Dustin
Vet — Pat, Tom
TV Installer — Ariel
Builder — Mason, Brad
Painter — Art
Doctor — Lance
Judge — Laura, Grace, Frank
Writer — Dot
Dentist — Bill
Carpet Cleaner — Matt
Pest Exterminator — Anthony, Warren
Street Cleaner — Allie
Spy — Russell
Marriage Counsellor — Barney

"The selfless protecting of another's own, health and life, the vigorous defending of another's rights, liberty and freedom, and the sensitive attending to another's suffering, heartbreak or misfortune, these truly maketh a man — and remember this: That love knows nothing of wrong; and truth, nothing of accommodation."

Welcome to my reality based website

This website features both Secular-Generic and Christian poetry and prose, such being my personal journey; a cathartic exercise, a collage, a kaleidoscope of thoughts, concerns, musings, views, beliefs and experiences, and all being my own work, except where stated otherwise.
Quite a number of light-hearted poems are included too. :-)  

Website aim, via calling it as it is...

To stimulate thought; generate discussion; and facilitate change. Issues that need addressing. Things that need saying.

Poem coverage, in brief...

Relationships; love; life; empathy; human rights; equality; suffering; poverty; death; suicide; values; health; tyranny;  environmental/animal issues; freedom/liberty issues; religion; politics; welfare; age; violence; wealth; war; crime; etc. Note: The number of verses in my typical poems, (as opposed to my alternative poems), can vary, and so too can the number of beats per line in any given poem.

32 must read SAMPLE POEMS can be seen below, (and not elsewhere on this website but for four).
Three of these sample poems represent my — ALTERNATIVE  poems which don't have the usual verses.
And any of these sample poems may change from time to time. Last change: 3 August 2015.

At any moment I might choose to tweak, alter, enhance, upgrade, or add verses to any existing poem,
may even remove an existing poem, and new poems are placed anywhere and everywhere.

Why make this website?

To understand the purpose of this website, and my poetry, click on the PURPOSE button. Or, alternatively, first read my poem "Poetry With A Mission" (and attached poems) by clicking on the button to the right; then follow the link (beneath those poems) to the PURPOSE page.                       

What this website is committed to...

Freedom of expression; civil-religious liberty; human rights; peace; the search for truth; the recovery of morals, principles and standards; and concern for creatures, the underdog and our planet.

Oh, by the way...

Please bear in mind that my journey hasn’t ended, and that as a consequence, I’m still stumbling, still making mistakes, and thus learning and growing just like everyone else. Therefore, if I have erred somehow, I ask your forgiveness in advance. However, it should always be kept in mind that both this website and its contents have primarily been designed to provoke thought that might not otherwise be forthcoming. If you disagree with something that I’ve said-cum-think I’m wrong, remember this: How can I grow if you don’t let me know? — should it be that I am wrong. And yes, I would like the chance to reply.

"Stand up, speak out — and if you must, march peacefully and in a dignified manner, never turning to lawlessness, violence, rioting, foul or deceptive means, for by such, you’ll stand condemned yourself and simply spin that tired old merry-go-round that’s keeping us where we are — and remember this: Many things that have been achieved via dubious means could’ve just as easily been achieved if only more voices had been raised and felt in the corridors of power."

You won't leave unaffected — therefore, expect the unexpected; and please remember
the following: That personal expression is exactly that, and that you chose to enter. Bravo!

No inappropriate content; just communication that's straight, open, honest and sincere,
With no disrespect or injury intended.

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

"There’s no greater cost than the bearing of truth in a world that's fast forsaking it."
The Author

"Never confuse straight talk with harshness, nor pleasing words with love."
The Author

Poetry that shouts, confronts, questions, rouses, informs, pleads, shares, inspires, encourages, heartens, empathises, weeps, sighs, smiles and sees love as the only answer.

Poetry that takes no sides but that of all who’ve been wrongly accused or mistreated — in other words, poetry that condemns wrong wherever and whoever it's coming from, and whatever that wrong may be.

Poetry that often behaves like prose thus making prose behave like poetry; such being an experiment that bridges the two and frees poetry from its somewhat rigid constraints

— the message contained within each poem being more the focus than the poetic artistry.
Such poems, (a good portion of my poetry), could possibly be viewed as being somewhat like paragraphs or a complete page in a book where the end of each line happens to rhyme.

"It’s surely better to live as if there’s a moral God of love and an enlightening day of judgment-cum-justice;
as if the way we live now determines our destiny, (eternal life in a paradise or eternal death), lest it be so — and remember this: That if we did in fact only live for three score years and ten, it would be better that those years be as bright and wholesome as possible rather than plagued by self-imposed worry, pain, strife, hardship or misery, unless, of course, any discomfort was the result of suffering for another’s sake."


“Lance Landall reporting for duty, Sir!”
“Time you got here. Okay, son, get that rhythm and rhyme flowing, be it pithy words or witty fun, and see that there’s no slowing, ya hear. And while you’re at it, son, lots of verses too, not just one or two, and share — yes, every single one. Bowl them over with poetry and prose, anything poets might dare to compose, rattle their brain cells, yank at their heart, and tickle their toes — yes, make ’em laugh, make ’em think, make ’em cry — even get them wondering why. And while you’re at it, son, throw in a little bit of this and that, and don’t stop until it’s done. Now scat."
"Yes, Sir!"

“When it comes to freedom of expression, anything and anyone must be fair game, (not exempt from scrutiny and criticism), because any line drawn is an automatic infringement and one step always being the beginning of more; and then, who's our master? — and remember this: That religion should be big enough to cope with ridicule, and every one of us sensible enough to know that there's a time, place and way, and every one of us kind enough to show the same thought and feeling that we would like to receive from others."

Or to put it all another way:

"There's greater danger in trying to limit freedom of expression than there is in permitting its abuse."


1.  You're Not Alone

I wish I could remove your suffering, or is it heartbreak you’re going through?
But all I can do is show that I care via word or act, thus thinking of you.
For who’d ignore a fellow traveller struggling with pain or grief? — no, not I,
This world having given me many a reason to sigh, cry and question “Why?”

Yes, there’re many of us who’ve suffered too, though I’ve no desire to talk of me,
But rather, to let you know that you’re not alone, though feeling so, possibly.
And if so, understandably so, for this world can be very harsh and cold,
Or so it seems until the cheer of a caring rosebud is seen to unfold.

Perhaps it’s just a hug you need, or arm around the shoulder, such no mere token,
For sometimes greater thoughtfulness is shown via an act where words aren’t spoken.
In fact, words oft getting in the way, some folk kind of clumsy with what they say,
But meaning well, though who among us never errs, isn’t seen to wrongly weigh?

Yes, be it physical or emotional, some things are very hard to bear,
And why it’s reassuring to know that folk who truly love and care are near.
For though they can’t wave a magic wand, they can seek or pray on our behalf, and
In the meantime, via word or act, show that they really feel for us, understand.

By Lance Landall

2.  Born To Be Heard And Seen

Deep within each of us there’s a light that is waiting to be shone,
A longing voice that’s wanting to be heard before we’re dead and gone.
A certain something that doesn’t want us forgotten, not noticed,
And that despite how much we may hold it back is sure to persist.

Thus we’re not born to quickly pass like those hillside shadows one sees,
But to shine like the sun and stir the air around us like a breeze.
And why there’s that something within that mourns when it’s not heard or seen,
And why as much as our arrival we want folk to know we’ve been.


Deep within that soul that is us there shouldn’t be chains that bind,
Our precious hearts and minds being the centrality of humankind.
And thus each of us individual expressions heard and seen,
This desire and creativeness hardwired and linking every gene.

So may it never be that anyone is hampered or ignored,
But seated at the same piano where their notes add to some chord.
One within a symphony that’s richer for every expression,
And played by an all embracing orchestra always in session.

By Lance Landall

3.  They're All The Same To Me

I don’t care whether someone is rich or poor, black or white, a waiter or a surgeon, a Muslim, Jew, atheist or Christian,

As they’re all the same to me — humanity — my brothers and sisters, and as far as my life and circle go, not out but in,
For all have a place in this world, and are no less worthy, no higher or lower — and I, always there should they call upon me,
As such is how I believe things should be, and just how I would like them to treat me, and given that we’re all one big family.

Therefore, I won’t betray anyone, dob them in, kick them when they’re down, talk behind their back, stab them in the back, nor hold them back,
And I won’t lay a hand on them, fool them, rob them, spurn them, mock, knock, threaten or manipulate them, nor somehow get my own back,
For what would such say of me? — and all it would do in fact, is just drag me down to a level that would hardly benefit me,
A level I choose not to sink to, for it’s a dead-end street, something that works against rather than for, injuriously.

Yes, I don’t care where people are from, what their past was like, whether they’re short, tall, slim, fat, bald, cross-eyed, missing a limb, or ugly,
As they’re all the same to me — humanity — my brothers and sisters, worthy of my time, effort, thought, wealth, love, care and mercy,
And on their behalf I will speak or stand, hoping that they would do the same for me, and if they didn’t, it still wouldn’t stop me,
For I must be true to myself, my conscience clear, my actions transparent, impartial and fair, and I thus acting honourably.

And I’ll decide for myself what someone’s like, not what I’m told is so, allowing them to defend them self, and overtime grow,
Bearing in mind that we all make mistakes, and deserve another chance, and that when it comes to others, what do we really know?
And hence why I refuse to label or pigeonhole people, or misjudge them, and why I don’t care if they’re three or ninety three,
As they’re all the same to me — humanity — my brothers and sisters, and all deserving of the same freedom and liberty.

Yes, I don’t care whether someone's a liberal or conservative, a meat-eater or vegan, a prostitute or a tramp,
As they’re all the same to me — humanity — my brothers and sisters — yes, despite whether they’re in this camp, that camp, (or are camp) —
As every human is precious, and why the greater their need, the greater my response, for the litmus test of our decency
Is how we treat those who’re different-cum-less understood, the disadvantaged, vulnerable, suffering and minority.

By Lance Landall

The poem above is referring to that love that we should have for all, and yet, fall so far short of. And terrorism
and heinousness aside.

4.  It's So Easy

It’s so easy to look at others, (and sound evaluations must oft be made),
But clearly we all have our own sad flaws and failings, and some price for wrong have paid.
Yes, most of us needing more than just a cut and polish, and yet, pointing harshly,
And this, when many are struggling with who knows what; or they clinging perilously.

Yes, insensitive words and acts can act like boots on fingers, and down many go,
Cutting stones and rocks showering them as they plummet; other R.I.Ps below.
And we with all the excuses as to why they have only got themselves to blame —
Well, one way or another — and self-righteousness too often adding to our shame.

Yes, it’s true that many have caused their own dilemma having acted foolishly,
But it’s better to give them a helping hand and not leave some folk feeling angry.
For anger that's fuelled by frustration or desperation can kick back at us all —
Well, one way or another — and why it pays to show heart-cum-make the better call.

But hey, where’s our humanity, that milk of human kindness-cum-selfless love, and,
That mercy that's also long-suffering, that attempt to try and understand?
After all, friend, what if the boot was on the other foot, and thus we in their place?
For life has a habit of toppling thrones and rebuking any who don’t show grace.

By Lance Landall

5.  Come The Revolution

Yes, come the revolution — that love revolt — folk refusing to argue or fight,
Such an underground movement that’s warmth would replace all the darkness and gloom with light.
Yes, a joining of hands or linking of arms, kindness and compassion on a roll,
A desire for all that’s good, honourable and worthy soon reigning in each soul.

Imagine it! Handshakes, cuddles and even kisses greeting people every day,
They unable to escape the wave of love and benevolence coming their way.
Oh, how exciting to even think of such, for what a difference it would make,
And why I yearn for such a revolution, peace and harmony left in its wake.

Yes, no destructive riots, just winning ways and smiles, happiness and joy seizing hearts,
Everyone making the best of everything, helping out where there’s spilt apple carts.
A revolution where there’s no turning back, all negative bridges burnt behind,
And when it came to coldness, thoughtlessness and oversight, such one hard-pressed to find.

Wow, wouldn’t it be grand, so come the revolution, I say, that Tsunami of love,
And above the door of each home and workplace those fitting symbols, a heart and dove.
Yes, no more selfishness, but a never-ending fountain of everything that’s best,
All thanks to that people changing revolution 
the best cause in which to invest.

By Lance Landall

6.  Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Please put your head on my shoulder just like you used to do, because you’re still my girl,
And I aware that the petals of our twilight years are beginning to unfurl.
So may our love bloom with a deeper hue before those petals fall in quiet repose,
They clustering together with tender kisses and soft nuzzlings that life's end knows.

Oh, those precious memories of how you’d take my hand and arm and then rest your head,
My shoulder rejoicing in the pleasure of a feminine act that so much said.
And why I’m still moved when you take my hand and arm and rest your head on my shoulder,
For where there’s such love, there are some things that never change even when one gets older.

So please put your head on my shoulder and nestle closer, because you’re still my girl,
And my love for you like a protective clam that’s been nurturing a precious pearl.
And you bringing out the man in me, your head on my shoulder declaring your trust,
And may it remain so until those parting words, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Yes, how I love those strolls, that hand that oft moves to my chest, the pressure of your breast,
That special closeness that warms my soul, steals my quickened heart and makes me feel so blessed.
And that still delights, excites and invites, declaring our love to the beholder,
A love that treasures each moment we have — so please, Dear, put your head on my shoulder.

By Lance Landall

7.  My Dear Friend

My dear friend, and because I truly love you so — in other words, truly care —
I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just say what you might like to hear.
And therefore certain things may hurt, and this, no matter how carefully I tread,
As truth often reveals the unpleasant, those things that sometimes need to be said.

And that’s love, for love puts another’s best interests first, even withholds praise —
In other words, doesn’t say you’re good at something when you’re not, nor false hopes raise —
Otherwise, you might well make a fool of yourself, perhaps reaching for a mike,
And those in the audience laughing at your voice, wishing you’d be on your bike.

No, love has far more sense than that, for had I foolishly said that you sing well,
You’d be slow to trust my judgment again given how “Get off the stage!” can chill.
But enough about singing, for that’s just one example, and why truth’s best said,
And lest due to such folly you join the ranks of those who’ve nonsense in their head.

Yes, the world is full of inflated egos, balloons that are about to burst,
Folk who’ve been set up for a fall via misplaced warm fuzzies of which they’ve a thirst;
And why criticism’s hardly popular despite it oft being a good friend,
And the way of fools soon leading to their own or someone else’s sticky end.

And this, dear friend, why I’ll always be honest with you, share what it’s best you know,
And thus I at peace with myself, my conscience clear and my heart shouting, “Bravo!”
For stating the truth and calling things as they are is not just a caring act,
But a courageous one given how so many now prefer fantasy to fact.

By Lance Landall

8.  Don't Doubt Your Worth

Sometimes we can feel like a nobody, lost within the great sea of humanity,
A grain of sand pushed and pulled by life’s tides, or shoved by waves of insensitivity.
Or perhaps a leaf, one that’s detached and floating aimlessly, adrift on a cool breeze,
One caught in some melancholy Autumn, concerned that fate’s careless rake might cruelly seize.

Yes, sometimes life can leave us feeling left out, that we don’t fit in, and we feel alone,
Lost in caverns of introspection, where we wrestle fretfully, and inwardly groan.
Or we struggle to find our way through the maze of past mistakes, regret nipping our heels,
And we wonder — yes, we oft wonder — is there anyone else who the same as us feels?

A nobody, a grain of sand, a leaf, an after thought possibly, or last resort,
Someone who hardly figures in the mind of others, a vessel that’s without a port.
Yes, somebody just like us, aching inside, wanting to be noticed, or even heard,
Who’s seemingly destined to go it alone, others nodding but not saying a word.

And yet, our value is just as great, and our place on this earth just as necessary,
Thus, regardless of how we may feel, we have an important place in humanity,
For every beach relies on every grain of sand, and each leaf has its place on each tree,
Thus, should our time on earth expire, so much the worse for our absence this world would be.

By Lance Landall

9.  Don't Doubt Your Place

Don’t be fazed by film stars, pop stars, presidents, kings, queens or popes, nor consider yourself any less,
For they’re just as human as you are, and no greater, despite their position, power or success.
Yes, they too, have to attend that little room where one is humbled, and they too, become elderly,
For they’re just as mortal as you, simply have a different function, are known far more publicly.

And hence why I’d never pay homage to one who’s as earthly as me, though I’d still act politely,
Aware that some have a certain role to play, a certain authority, responsibility.
But though such be so, I also knowing that they don't have a different body or brain to me,
And hence are thus my equal, and there to serve too, not to lord it over me, or humanity.

History’s littered with ambitious, deluded fools, propelled by delusions of grandeur — their own

They wanting to make their mark, and boy, they sure do, terribly so, dictating from their self made throne.
Others strut like egotistic peacocks, lapping up the attention, basking in their own glory,
Only to suffer the same fate as anyone else — lost looks, old age, a plot in a cemetery.

Meantime, amidst their power play, or love affair with the limelight, they act as if they’re more worthy,
When in fact they’re often less so, given that their acts or behaviour work more injuriously.
And those who could be deemed as worthy, and even greater, are humbly lost within society,
Where they quietly leave behind a better legacy — selflessly, and even unconsciously.

By Lance Landall

10.  Catch On?

Even when life has dealt us blows, left us with hurt and pain, it’s better to remain loving,
And midst the fog of broken dreams, heartache and loss, to seek out others with whom we can sing.
By that I mean, to lose ourselves in selfless acts and gentle ways, and words that warm and heal,
For responding any differently, even more joy, peace, hope and happiness will steal.

Yes, such is how we make our heart smile again, how we still move forward, and find our way through,
Searching for any little thing that will brighten, found in those things that for others we do.
For as we lift another’s spirit, ease their lot, and via those loving acts of kindness share,
Our own load is lightened, our season soothed, and possibilities are oft seen to appear.

We shouldn’t dwell on what we’re missing, on what might’ve been, or even on what should’ve been,
But rather, make the most of the present and what we have, for things will always intervene.
Hence why life’s really in the living, the being, our sight, our hearing, even our sense of smell,
And not so much in grandiose plans, nor romantic dreams, for many betray, kiss and tell.

Better to thrive on little, for little disappoints less, given expectations are low,
And given that acceptance and contentment are the two greatest friends that any can know.
For we all arrived with nothing, and will leave with nothing, given living is in the being,
And why we’ll never experience true peace until this little gem of truth we’re seeing.

By Lance Landall

11.  Mind What You Say And Do

It’s sad that it can take almost a life-time before we’ve learnt, and then it’s often too late,
For the damage is done, our energy waning, and troubles and poor health lying in wait,
And we, very regretful, our back against the wall, and old father time ticking away,
All of which then seems to conspire against us, as if wanting to make us suffer and pay.

When all is said and done, it’s all about treating other folk well, and not causing them ill,
For come those twilight hours of our life, and amidst deep reflection, past wrongs may haunt and chill,
Yes, rather than the warmth of much happier memories, and deeds more noble and worthy,
We may feel cold draughts of restlessness and anxiety, and sleep may not come easily.

And we may also be forced to live with the baleful results of our callousness and folly,
Be that via personal scars, or scars we’ve inflicted on others that shout at us daily,
For all that we do and say results in something be it minor or major, good or bad,
Which, amidst our final years, will leave past years looking beautifully or shamefully clad.

Or to put it another way, such will leave us selflessly clothed or selfishly exposed,
Our conscience clear or pricking, and we, thus either agitated or serenely composed,
For all that we leave behind, either remains behind, or catches up, eventually,
A fact that has borne the test of time — one that rather than later, is better learnt early.

By Lance Landall

12.  How Does One Treat A Woman — One's Wife?

“How does one treat a woman?” he asked me. “As if she’s an endangered species,”
I replied with a smile, which only an honourable man desires and sees.
Never that man who can’t see past his food, loins, mates and beer, and who’s seldom there,
Or having a compartmentalised adulterous night, even long term affair.

So, how does one treat a woman, getting to the nuts and bolts of it all, and,
Bearing in mind those differences that neither sex will fully understand?
Well, you treat her like a female first and foremost, rough hands having no place here,
And you never giving her any reason for disappointment, doubts or fear.

In other words, you treat her like a lady, thus opening doors before her,
And when it comes to a clash of desires, you doing that which she would prefer,
And that way you’re surely bound to please, and how your tender care for her she sees,
For once you defend your wants, she’s likely to feel a cooling, self-centred breeze.

And yes, usher her cross busy roads with a gentle, watchful, protective hand,
And you then taking the curb side lest some driver make a move they hadn’t planned.
For she needs to know what length and depth you’d go to for her, should some threat arise;
Though such should be the way of any man the moment he hears a woman’s cries.

And yes, treat her kids well too, for how you do says so much too, they of her womb,
And thus when it comes to certain behaviour or acts, you giving such no room.
And such being to your benefit too, as your wife and kids will reciprocate,
For what goes around comes around, it's said, which so many find out far too late.

But you know,
(and not to mention that example that fathers set-cum-show)...

A man’s not a man — well, hardly manly — if he treats any woman poorly,
And why a man should treat his partner well, love and cherish her, actually.
Yes, he delivering on his promises, or what he leads her to believe,
For there’s nothing worse than a spouse who’s seen to strike, renege, betray or deceive.

So, how does one treat a woman? Via all the above and more, that she may bloom,
And never have cause to regret whom she married, that younger sweet-talking groom.
He older now, but still treating her as affectionately, sensitively,
For a woman’s heart is never to be won but romanced continually.

Yes, that's how you treat a woman
— your wife — though all women should be treated well,
For what does it say of men when women aren't-cum-those tales many have to tell?
And hence why every husband should always seek to do what is best for his wife,

Who, when it comes to their relationship, has every right to a happy life.

By Lance Landall

A number of my poems cover this same subject and those which are related to it. For example: Love The Girl, You're Fine The Way You Are, This Woman Who's In Your Life. In consideration of men, you might like to read my poems When Women Should Consider Forgiveness, and, Women Who're Guilty Too, secular poems section. There's also an article of mine entitled Are Women Blameless? which is found on my Bits 'n' Bobs page.

13.  For Men, Though Woman May Peek

It’s my belief,

That men and women have been designed to compliment each other in every way,
And even a few differing roles being part of that magic equation, I say.
For the greater those differences between them, the stronger the attraction, and
Every enhancement producing more satisfaction-cum-lending a helping hand.

So don’t apologize for being a man but be proud of your masculinity,
Just like any woman should delight in her male capturing femininity.
Yes, she not shackled by feminist agitations often born of injury,
But a woman in every way who’s in touch with Nature-cum-plain reality.

All why men should act like men, they enjoying their man cave, rugby or muscle car,
Not succumbing to New Age wimpiness just as a woman shouldn’t burn her bra.
For men were clearly made to be men just as women were made to be women, and
Nestle their sweet head in the bosom of a love that takes in the lie of the land.

Yes, it’s so strange how we’re living in a time where the genders are becoming blurred,
It oft hard to tell the difference at a glance, the situation quite absurd,
Off-putting, actually,
Women dressing and acting like men, and men mimicking women, and why we see,
Some men bending over backwards to apologize where there’s no necessity,

And thus it plain stupidity.

So rejoice in your manhood, men, only flexing any muscle protectively,
And thereby using your brains, no macho nonsense marring your masculinity.
And as for exchanging what you shouldn’t, I wouldn’t, thus retaining dignity,
Though never discarding selflessness, thoughtfulness, a certain sensitivity.

Seems ads on TV are hell-bent on portraying men as jerks, and as for females,
They’re oft portrayed as just as aggressive and raunchy as renegade lustful males.
And why one can’t help thinking at times that there is some kind of twisted agenda,
And why men and women should denounce such ill and do more to preserve their gender.

So never apologize for being a man but act like a man in every way,
Tenderly looking after your little lady while burning rubber on the way,
If you catch my drift.

In other words, treat her like a women but live like a man, for boys should be boys,
And girls should be girls, as anything that says otherwise just distorts and destroys.

By Lance Landall

14.  For Crying Out Loud

You may not approve of same-sex sexual acts, Gay marriages, pornography or abortion,
Cults, certain religious beliefs and practices, door knockers, dope smoking or prostitution
— And that’s your right —
But for crying out loud, don’t ever mentally or physically abuse anybody,
For hate filled words, cruel acts and violence are not only moronic, but weak and cowardly.

Okay, so someone hurt you — so what? — for you don’t have to retaliate, thus acting like them,
For how can you stand tall and protest when indulging in the very same thing that you condemn?
No, striking back is a mug’s game, and who wants to emulate the behaviour of fools and bullies?
For all who treat others badly are partakers in evil, suffering from the same disease.

Yes, you’ve a right to your view, freedom of expression precious, and rightful avenues of protest,
But for crying out loud, never lay hands on anybody, nor in abusiveness invest.
For sad rhetoric and callous behaviour are good friends of bigotry and persecution,
And thus always add to humanity’s problems rather than joining hands in any solution.

You may not be happy with some who’ve authority, their introductions or audacity,
Or you may have a problem with some organisation, and some underhand things that you see.
But whatever or whoever, you get to choose your response, for that response doesn’t choose you,
And whatever that response, it’ll paint you as bad or better, as one’s words and acts always do.

So for crying out loud anyone, stifle those words, unclench those fists, and shun any weaponry,
For though you’ve a right to think and feel differently, you’ve no right to mistreat humanity.
And should someone hurt you, don’t jump on the same merry-go-round, but rather, help pull on the brakes,
For the one who doesn’t becomes a party to the crime, and love, wisdom and foresight forsakes.

By Lance Landall

The poem above is referring to our general treatment of others.

15.  Teardrops

Only little teardrops, maybe, but not so little that pain that many have inside,
Pain that seems loath to go, it a very tiring foe, pain that's too difficult to hide.
Teardrops that trickle, and possibly tickle, tears that well up and invariably slide,
Tears that despite any efforts made, still have their way, their say, and resolve override.

Tears on the faces of children, friends and strangers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives,
Tears that too often are seen, even foreseen — yes, featuring in far too many lives.
Tears that can last for ages, chapters or pages, tears that sometimes simply come and go,
Weeping that disturbs, sobbing that perturbs, tears that impatiently burst and overflow.

Yes, only little teardrops, they salty to the taste, they smudged, dabbed at, or brushed away,
Tears that are destined to fall, tears that momentarily stall, tears that much hurt convey.
Teardrops that flow, rapidly or slow, tears that gush, rush, and pride reluctantly forgo,
A single tear, a stream, such a very common theme, one that too many people know.

Tears that cross the genders, each race or caste, tears on the faces of rich and poor alike,
Tears that respect no position, nor any condition, tears that can suddenly strike.
Tears that lie in waiting, they seemingly anticipating, tears that appear on cue,
Tears that are caused by others, or over others, and those things that one cannot undo.

Yes, only little teardrops, maybe, but not so little that sadness that’s deep within,
Pain bubbling from an inner well, tears that one really can’t quell, they moist upon one’s skin.
Tears that coyly peek, then softly and quietly sneak, or hurriedly roll down one’s cheek,
They pain's outward expression, sorrowful confession — yes, teardrops, with their telling streak.

By Lance Landall

16.  It's Not Until Later

Some of us have done crazy and regretful things that we can’t believe we did do,
That is, now that many years have passed by, and that via wiser eyes we see anew.
Perhaps having grown up, perhaps having sorted ourselves out, and learnt the hard way,
But now, wishing it was all a bad dream, rather than the folly of yesterday.

It seems that when we’re in our youth, (even a little older), we’re somewhat blind,
And that it’s not until many years later that twenty twenty vision we find —
Figuratively speaking, that is — and then, like someone who has regained their sight,
We see what we didn’t before, and where there was darkness, now there’s revealing light.

Yes, light that shows the true nature and painful consequences of those self-centred deeds,
And oh, how we regret our foolishness, how our more pure and sensitive heart bleeds,
For not just we are left suffering, but whoever was on the receiving end,
Be they a spouse, a son or daughter, a family member, a stranger or a friend.

If only younger bodies had older heads, far less cause for regret there would be,
But no, it seems that it’s not until later that we finally or clearer see.
And when we do, it’s sometimes with utter disbelief, and terrible pangs of pain,
For certain things we did before, we wouldn’t dream of doing now — and can’t explain.
By Lance Landall

17.  When Love Will Have The Final Say

When I see love in action — love that’s genuine and true — I just know that there must be a plan for man,
One with the best of intentions, one that’s been awaiting its time — that is, since evil somehow began.
And I’ll keep on believing so, for there’s one thing I’m sure of — LOVE WILL TRIUMPH SOON — and permanently,
But not before we’ve seen the worst of evil, its final push to ensnare all, albeit temporarily.

Yes, I’ll take love’s side any day, for I have seen its fruitage, and thus know of its possibilities,
Unlike evil — a dead-end street — which, when it’s reigning within folk, just acts like a terminal disease,
One that’s contagious, though there is a cure for those who wish to be free of its poisonous infamy,
And that cure is love — pure, unadulterated love — for I have seen the results of its potency.

Oh yes, nothing works like love, nothing satisfies more — for love, unlike hate, is balanced and in harmony,
A beautiful holistic tree, bursting with bountiful promises — yes, cheery growth that one can see.
A tree that keeps on giving, no thought for itself, but nourished and fed by its own generosity,
Each one of its flowers leaving a lasting sweetness in the air, one rich in selfless ancestry.

And why I just know that love’s the answer, and that in due season it will deliver, not disappoint,
Unlike evil, which leaves a bitter taste, a cruel legacy — not a home, but some sleazy rundown joint.
Yes, only love knows the way, only love provides hope, purpose and light, a coming solution filled day,
And why I won’t stop believing until that time when love will have the final say, and thus evil slay.

By Lance Landall

18.  The Heart Of The Matter

If I were the ruler of Earth — God, say — and had to judge everyone-cum-their fate,
I’d be focussing on their heart; and over its condition, long deliberate.
For there I’d find the key to their reward or penalty, whatever such might be,
Given that within each heart there lies the truth-cum-transparency or secrecy.

Yes, one’s heart is the heart of the matter, it compelling us to do this or that,
We either acting rightly or wrongly; love for our fellowman being where it’s at.
And why I would want to study its course, its past, present-cum-future tendencies,
Whether it thought beyond itself, or whether it’s riddled with some callous disease.

And thus my gaze looking for selflessness, beauty and light, a love beating strongly,
As I would be hoping to find its machinery working rightly, not wrongly.
For why reward a toxic heart? — its hardened vessels hardly beating lovingly,
But rather, they narrowed due to a selfish cholesterol, sad propensity.

No, such a heart wouldn’t please me, my scrutiny not leaving any stone unturned,
I checking to see whether from that errant path it had veered, and now, with love burned.
For though it once pumped with the self-serving, its change of direction would have me pause,
And thus stamp reward instead of penalty — and by the way, what’s the state of yours?

By Lance Landall

19.  It's Our World

Dear fellow traveller, amidst the billions on this Earth — I’ve a message I wish to share, given your inheritance by birth, and your existing presence here.
This planet is yours and mine, it doesn’t belong solely to kings or queens, popes or presidents, prime ministers in residence, nor any government; even power or society behind the scenes, but rather, to us, the people — yes, not someone on a throne, behind an official desk, or ecclesiastically ensconced under some steeple.
No disrespect is intended here, but only the clear recognition, that this Earth belongs to humanity, you and I — in other words, us, we — not solely to those in power, regardless of their position, regardless of their authority, and including any majority, for humanity is also the minority, given that we’re all linked genetically, historically, and universally, and given that such is acting humanely, quite honestly.
Though rightful laws and order have their place, no one should seek to conquer and rule the human race, and all who would seek to do so, by stealth, legislation or might, wouldn’t have justification, would be lovers of darkness rather than light, who though pretending otherwise, would ultimately catch by surprise, thus displaying their true face.
Yes, this planet belongs to you and I, who likewise, pressure or force cannot justify, (despite how much we might try), for the birthright of all is freedom and liberty, (be that civil or religiously), the right to be left alone to live in peace and harmony, to be free from the evil plots, plans and tentacles of tyranny, and not to mention, the right to have access to every necessity.
Yes, we weren’t meant to be controlled, bought or sold, trampled on, sneeringly looked upon, coldly mistreated, shackled, persecuted or defeated, somehow abused, indifferently used, played with like marionettes, gathered together in plotter’s nets, nor considered as if just a clone, for we’ve a brain, a heart, a dream, a path, a life and purpose of our own, and were born to love not hate, and to goodness, mercy and kindness radiate, for such always works for the best, ensuring that all are blest, whereas hate just destroys, and all manner of evil employs, for it’s tied to lust and power, seeks to overthrow not empower, and all the while, oft hiding behind a smile, (which given time, quickly turns sour).
Though we’re humanity, we’re not some herd to be rounded up, processed and programmed physically, mentally or emotionally, nor were we meant to be serfs at the beck and call of bureaucracy, but rather, are individuals in our own right, little worlds of our own, with corresponding patents and copyright.
Yes, it’s our world, not the possession of a group, a majority, nor some man, who, were these given control — that is, of the world as a whole — would prove a threat to all, and eventually, flames of trouble just fan.

By Lance Landall

"Violence and murder are never the way of the enlightened but those who’ve diseased hearts and minds, those who’ve taken leave of their senses, those who’ve been wrongly fed or brainwashed, and all of them misusing their liberty — and remember this: That our true character is revealed by the way we treat


20.  Dear Grieving One

Oh, how we await that day when the sting of death we’ll feel no more, that heartbreak,
Yes, that pain that only those who grieve know, that loneliness-cum-that gnawing ache.
And come that day will, for Christ has promised such relief, and hears each griever’s cry,
He meantime seeking to comfort with expressions of love till those tears He’ll dry.

So take heart, dear grieving one, for Christ is grieving too, He well knowing your pain,
For your loved one’s loved even greater by Him, and hence why those nail prints remain.
And why you can be assured of His love too, and more so at such a sad time,
For Christ will be holding the ladder when from those grieving depths you seek to climb.

Yes, no one’s had cause to grieve more than Christ, the wounded comforter, healer too,
Who delights in delivering healing balm, helping grievers find their way through.
And you will, despite those dark days, dark days that Christ has known too, hence that light,
Those heavenly rays of sunshine that cut through clouds of grief, and say, “Hope’s in sight.”

And indeed it is, for Christ will soon return, and such grieving will be no more,
All being why we have an eternity of unbridled happiness in store.
Yes, death’s sting finally gone, no more heartbreak, gnawing ache, loneliness or tears,
Christ having dealt with such once and for all — a Saviour who truly loves and cares.

By Lance Landall

In memory of a friend
John Matsis who passed away on the 29 May, 2013, (and who often
helped me by checking my grammar
and playing the devil's advocate).

21.  Welcome To The Family Of God

Yes, welcome to the family of God, those who now have hope beyond the grave,
For the very God who created mankind came to Earth in order to save.
So never doubt your decision, nor go back on it, as Satan wants you lost,
And hence why you should always stand firm for Jesus Christ no matter what the cost.

Oh, how He loves you, and how happy you’ve made Him, He who can’t wait to return,
And then He’ll take you in His outstretched arms and far more about His love you’ll learn.
For God is all about goodness, not that cruel picture that Satan paints, sadly,
Which sees many giving up or spurning the path that leads to eternity.

Yes, Satan will certainly put your new found faith to the test, but hang in there,
For God has promised He’ll always be with you and that one day He’ll soon appear.
And meantime He has also promised that He’ll give you all the strength that you’ll need,
For no one can make it on their own, and why daily on His Word you should feed.

Oh yes, you can trust Him alright, as He’ll be there through thick or thin, good or bad,
For He’s the best friend you could ever have, the finest example of a dad.
And He having sent the Holy Spirit to guide and not just empower you,
Given that discernment and His truths will serve you well, and staying near Him too.

So let me commend you on His behalf, for He’s so chuffed that you’ve chosen Him,
His way being the path to joy and peace, the devil’s path both deceptive and grim.
And why I’m so glad you’ve joined the family of God, chosen the One who cares,
And this more than proven by those ugly scars that each hand and foot of His bears.

Now that’s love! Pure, unadulterated, boundless, everlasting love, true love,
Love like you’ll never find on Earth, for it’s Divine — yes, no mere likeness above —
But everything you could wish for, it looking to the present and future, and,
It all courtesy of a God who’s suffered too, hence how He can understand.

And this why He’ll bear long with you, forgive your faltering but repentant steps,
Carry you when you’re tired and weary, be with you no matter how tough it gets.
And yes, there’ll be more expressions of His love within each day, within each year,
And an eternity of them when He finally arrives and shouts, “I’m here!”

By Lance Landall

Inspired by a special day, (a baptism), 6 December 2014

22.  The God Of Emotions

Oh yes, Jesus has feelings too, hence that tragic setting at Gethsemane,
For there Christ was witnessed sweating drops of blood at the prospect of Calvary.
Oh, the weight of what He had to face, and failure being a possibility,
Hence why He fell with His face to the ground overwhelmed at the enormity,

And prayed: “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me,”

And thrice He prayed such, though adding, “Yet not as I will, but as You will,” and then,
There He was at the tomb of Lazarus where He wept, touched by the sorrows of men.
Oh yes, Christ sure has feelings, has known rejection, grief and pain, (
such is clear),
And therefore, how terribly unkind it would be to think that He doesn’t care.

Yes, many times He was moved by the plight of someone’s suffering, and still is,
For via His creating of Adam and Eve, every person on this Earth is His.
And oh, how He cares, hates the sad entrance of sin-cum-that great controversy,
Which, in order that He be vindicated, must reach its telling finale.

And why I holler, “What a great God of love He is!,” and I will tell you why:

At any time He could’ve easily and completely destroyed humanity,
And with every right given our rebelliousness, ungrateful insanity.
Yes, that sad lack of trust, that disbelief, as if we just found our own way here,
When it was He who created everything, design and not chance crystal clear.

So listen, friend, for when you’re down and out, backed in a corner or nursing pain,
There’s a Saviour who’s deeply moved by your distress and with keys to every chain.
And all you have to do is turn to Him, for everyone’s plight tugs at His heart,
And oh, how He longs for that day when both you and Him will never be apart.


The God of emotions who feared eternal separation from His Father,
And sweated drops of blood while His disciples slept, (we too, doing what we’d rather).
Yes, a God who wept at the tomb of Lazarus, mortality’s cold domain,
And whose heart wells up with the same deep emotion when we too cry out in pain.

And be that pain emotional or physical, Christ suffering from both too,
His hands and feet marred by ugly nails, His heart pierced by sin and words that weren’t true.
Oh, how He suffered, for He’s the God of emotions, emotions placed in you,
For we’ve been made in His image and thus were created with same feelings too.

By Lance Landall

23.  The Mystery Of God's Love

Oh, the mystery of God’s love given how we wander from His side-cum-stray,
Given how we even turn our back on Him and foolishly go our own way,
And yet, there His love is, it unchanged and sure, it vigilant and unfailing,
But oh, off we go having forgotten those thorns, that cruel flogging and nailing.

Yes, our sleeping bag stashed behind God’s couch, as it were, we coming and going,
Our roving eyes paining our waiting Bridegroom who is all seeing and knowing,
And yet, though He could turn His back and has a right to, He still keeps wooing us,
For no one else’s love is as deep and forgiving as that displayed by Jesus.

Oh, how merciful and longsuffering He is — yes, such love a mystery,
Our one night stands and long term affairs constantly provoking His jealousy,
And yet, there He is, seeking, calling, even pleading, and where on Earth are we,
But seated in Satan’s playpen or coming and going indifferently.

Yes, the mystery of God’s love, we so undeserving of its warmth and grace,
And oh, how oft we take it for granted and our own crazy, selfish things chase,
And yet, God still persevering with us, hoping that we’ll be faithful and true,
For all that He has in store for us outshines those things we’re so prone to pursue.

And this why God is up all night, He pacing back and forth, His lantern glowing,
He peering into the darkness where ill winds are busy chilling and blowing.
Oh, how our Saviour yearns for our eternal company, our greatest well-being,
Which, once at home, and via the mystery of His love, we’ll never stop seeing.

By Lance Landall

24.  Right In Front Of Our Noses

Looking for answers, hope, love, a hero, one who could even rescue mankind?

Well, you’ll never beat that God who died to save us — and thus in blood, His love signed.
Oh, He’s real alright, eyewitnesses having seen and recorded such, and why
A cruel cross has become transformed, and a merciful advocate sits on high.

And hey, He not the one who’s responsible for all the pain and misery,
But a devil called Satan who thought he was riding high until Calvary.
And yes, he the one who has folk running after anything and everything,
Rather than the One who created us, a loving God who’ll deal with death’s sting.

So don’t let doubts or some evolution theory have you thinking otherwise,
For God is a God of truth, Earth’s creator, and Satan the father of lies,
Who, by the way, and right from the beginning, has challenged God’s authority,
Viscously attacked His Word, and via this avenue or that, sought His glory.

Yes, everything right in front of our noses, there all along, and yet folk stray
Away from the arms of a soon returning Saviour, and for what doesn't pay.
But isn’t that the way, we reaping what we sow, even finding out too late,
But God is gracious, and therefore, He slow to close Earth’s apocalyptic gate.

So if you’re looking for answers, hope, love, a super hero that you can trust,
Look no further than Jesus Christ, He faithful, all powerful, righteous and just.
And when the time is right, He’ll deal with that devil who tempts, afflicts and destroys,
And who in order to achieve his evil ends, disguised men on Earth employs.

Yes, there’s only one super hero, and it’s not Batman, this man or that man,
But a God that much evidence points to; and the impossible? — yes, He can!
For it was He who hung the stars in space, set this Earth spinning, and precisely,
He being a God of order and beauty who responds to folk personally.

He not only left a paradise behind to save us, but risked it all,
And even died saying, “Forgive them, Father,” and, “Mind My mum, John,” I recall.
Now that’s Someone worth following, He suffering then and still suffering now,
Not just from more sinful nails, but from what He sees us suffer, yet must allow.

Oh, how He would’ve loved to have wrapped things up long ago, but the scene's not set
Whereby Satan gains total control of Earth via men who’ll aid and abet.
And then, (with Satan's ultimate intention seen), Christ will bring an end to it all,
And finally, and right here, His kingdom of peace, love and harmony install.

By Lance Landall

25.  What Part Of "Do Not Sin" Do We Not Understand?

To begin: Where in God’s Word does it say that it’s okay to consciously sin, (and after repenting, what’s more)? Nowhere, (each Christian a heavenly ambassador), and why Christ said to the woman caught in adultery, “Go, from now on sin no more,” and the same to the man He healed at the pool of Bethesda, (both pretty hard to ignore).
If we’re not capable of refraining from sin, (via power from on high), why are we told to seek the victory over sin, to put away our former life, (our past wrong behaviour), to emulate the righteousness of our Holy Saviour, to live lives that are self-controlled, upright and godly, to keep His commandments, (we doers of His Law, not just hearers, obviously, its principles still having validity), and why Paul said, “How can we who died to sin go on living in it?”, for such would clearly make one a hypocrite, and why the following was also said by Paul: "Do we then nullify the law by this faith? Not at all! Rather, we uphold the law."
Oh, those telling questions that just won’t go away, and this, despite God's compassion for our fallen condition, body of clay, and despite one’s acceptance of His gift of grace, obedience-cum-works clearly having its place 
and hey, doesn’t continuing to sin slap God in the face, present a stumbling block to others, (our fellow Christian sisters and brothers), and doesn’t such give non-believers ammunition, point out a lukewarm condition, and if we’re honest, force a shameful admission?
Seen this?
"I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth." Now that says a lot!
Seen this?
"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men."
Seen this?
"Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world
the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of lifeis not of the Father but is of the world."
Tell me, how much stronger does Christ need to say it? 
— so many of us spiritually unfit, our lantern dim, our witness faulty, our allegiance split, our vision blurred, our passion faint, our effort feeble, (and why many quit) — in other words, we doing far more harm than good, rather than following Christ's example-cum-walking in sync like we should.
So what part of “Do not sin” do we not understand? — Christ’s reward or penalty being close at hand — hence that prior judgment that folk like to ignore, a God who overlooks sin more to their liking, justice tucked in a drawer, and grace that covers sinners supposedly covering sin, so why didn’t God overlook Satan’s sin, and what exactly is sin?
Well, and to begin, sin is rebellion, that “God says but I think” mentality, that self-focussed, self-centred little “me,” that walking contrary to God’s will, Word and ways, that thought, word or act that ill still conveys — and you know, that dusty Bible that’s seldom studied if at all, for what an insult, but thanks for Your grace, Lord — oh, the gall, and look how He suffered on Calvary, and folk still clinging to sin-cum-acting ungratefully, and thinking they're saved, ridiculously.
As for further clarification, and going by God’s Word, and in mind our salvation, (God’s grace not giving us some licence to sin, and our obedience proving that we’re genuine), the following are examples of sin:
Cheating; lying; pretending; stealing; swearing; coveting; not forgiving; irreverence when worshipping; making an idol of anyone or anything; sex before marriage-cum-promiscuity; sexual misconduct; adultery; pornography; saying “Oh my God!” in exclamation, (such using His name in vain and without consideration); rudeness; recklessness; unkindness; spitefulness; deceitfulness; lawlessness; slothfulness; violence; murder; indifference; racism; cronyism; cruelty; jealousy; crudity; bigotry; irresponsibility; vanity, (and that egotistical behaviour that also draws attention to that prideful “me”); manipulation; intimidation; persecution; discrimination; exploitation; making or bowing before graven images, (such being heresy, faulty apostolically); adding to, subtracting from, diluting, distorting or withholding God’s Word; that ungodly and destructive “Haven’t you heard?” (and which is often overheard); same-sex sexual acts; that playing around with the facts; that worldliness that Christ said to shun; that prideful, self-serving “I won!”; that stardom that robs God of glory, and rather than humbleness and godliness, conveys another story; abusing and misusing this planet; that cowardly failure to admit; not doing what we should when we can; and rather than pleasing God, pleasing man, all of which sneers at the heavenly, belittles God’s wisdom and authority, and conveniently turns its back towards Calvary.
Yes, and, (very interestingly), why Christ said, “ ‘Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven,' ” which effectively means to obey, both love and truth and faith and works having their say, and thus there being no faulty witness nor shades of grey, for we, according to Paul, should even abstain from “all appearance of evil,” and that’s not all, for the book of Hebrews, (it also attributed to Paul), states, (as if in summarizing), “For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful expectation of judgment,” which isn’t surprising, for once again, look at what Christ said, (which in Bible’s is oft seen in red), “ 'Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ” — and by the way, (for clarity's sake, say), that, "there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins," (Paul's words), means: God's grace isn't covering many Christians, for oh, how they've strayed, and why here, I'm calling a spade a spade, for Christ's coming is very near.
And another thing that I need to convey, (lest any misconstrue what I’ve had to say), is that God’s not expecting perfection, (as we understand perfection), but rather, a committed, no turning back change of direction, a daily surrendering from which righteousness will spring, and we asking His forgiveness where we fail, our best still leaving an imperfect trail, and hence that need of His robe of righteousness that comes courtesy of heavenly graciousness — oh yes, amazing grace, Christ having taken our place, and why salvation can't be earnt, (which some people haven't learnt), for it’s all about that grace — in other words, what Christ has done, not us, but just the Father’s Son, whose Word says to walk according to His example, and if we’re truly genuine, we will!
And here's another text that shouldn't be ignored: "Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord."
In other words, when we get up in the morning when the day is brightly dawning, we should consciously set out to think, speak and act rightly, inviting the Spirit to aid and mould us, (not just daily but nightly), and always asking for forgiveness where we err, slips rather different to that rebellious “But I prefer,” which is how much sinning takes place, and needless to say, the latter not covered by grace, for what a disgrace given what Christ did for the human race-cum-took our place.
Allow me to ask: If some judge let you off instead of punishing you, would you wilfully repeat the same offence like you're currently seen to do 
Christwise, that is — or have I misjudged you?

By Lance Landall


You may wish to note the following Bible texts Eph 4:22-24; 2:10; Rom 3:31; 6:2; 7:7; 8:6-8; 2:13; 13:10; 1 John 2:4; 3:4;  James 2:10-12,20,24,26; 4:17; 1:25; 2 Peter 3:11; Heb 10:26,27; 12:14; Luke 16:17; Rev 14:12; 21:7; 12:17; Matt 5:16; 7:20,21; 1 Cor 7:19; 2 Cor 5:10,20; Acts 5:32.

26.  The Truth About Grace

It’s funny, you know — well, not entirely so — how many misunderstand grace,
They thinking it covers sin, which, to be honest, would only be a disgrace.
For if God’s a righteous God, the God of law and order, a God who hates sin,
What would He be doing excusing it, allowing it to remain within?

And this being why His grace only covers the repentant and obedient,
Who, though they’ll still err given that they’re fallen, are considered as innocent.
Yes, Christ’s robe of righteousness covering them, for they’re quick to say sorry, and
Are quick to ask for His forgiveness, their sinning more accidental than planned.

You see, the truth is that God’s no fool, for were His gift of grace to cover sin,
I’m sure that we’d struggle to find any Christian who wouldn’t willingly sin.
In fact, it’s bad enough now, a faulty understanding being one reason why,
Many folk think that they’re still covered when they’re not, and Earth’s last days rushing by.

Oh yes, our loving God is certainly long-suffering and merciful, but
He not prepared to let folk play right up until the door of His ark is shut.
And shut it will, His coming near, His appraisal done, and all having been warned;
And left outside? Those who’ve taken licence with His grace or His desires scorned.

Sure God’s grace provides a way of escape from eternal death, (sin’s penalty),
But it’s not some legal sanction allowing us to sin with impunity.
And this why we’re told of the consequences of continued deliberate sin,
For why should God spare the rebellious, hypocritical, fair-weather Christian?

Yes, God understands our battles, our struggles with sin, but in time things must go,
And sadly, we far too oft dragging our feet and thus our growth painfully slow.
And we, possibly endangering our salvation, for at any time, friend,
Our limp grip could lose its hold, and dare our relationship with our Saviour end.

All being why God’s Word says: “Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification
Without which no one will see the Lord,” for in Him, aren’t we a new creation?
Yes, for how can we who died to sin, (presumably), go on living in it?
Which surely any committed and genuine Christian would be quick to admit.

“God’s Law was nailed to the cross,” some say, so I guess adultery’s okay now,
Not to mention stealing and murdering, or worshipping God any old how.
No, such still isn’t okay, never was and never will be, and why it is
That rather than our selfish fallen will, we’re meant to be carrying out His.

Yes, and His will being far from selfish, and in our best interest, let me say,
Hence why He tells us to refrain from sin, for He knows that sin will never pay.
And why it is that many Christians who stray end up limping back to the cross,
They having learnt the hard way, and many just in time — Heaven too greater loss.

And that’s the truth about grace, a truth that the devil doesn’t want folk to know,
For should they wrongly think that God’s grace covers sin, Heaven they’ll certainly blow.
Oh yes, for God’s gift of grace isn’t for abusers, those who more nails hammer,
And who, come the fate they’ve thus chosen, the truth of such will be heard to stammer.

But aren't we under grace now?

Look, let’s not misunderstand Scripture, grace having always been the only way,
Adam looking ahead to the cross back then, and we, back to the cross, today.
And thus God’s Law always the standard and not the method but God’s grace alone,
For law can only reveal sin, not forgive sin — though sin God cannot condone.

By Lance Landall

“...continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling [due seriousness
and daily prudence] (Phil 2:12, NIV)

You may wish to note the following Bible texts Heb 10:26,27; 12:14; 6:4-6; 2 Peter 3:11;
James 4:17; 2:24,26; Rom 8:6-8; 1 John 2:4

27.  The Commandments Of God

Oh, the beauty of God’s Law — and enshrined in the Ten? Love for God, love for men,
And each command etched by God’s own finger, not the work of man’s chisel or pen.
Yes, a Law that points to its Author via its fourth directive — the Sabbath day —
Upon which all are called to worship Him, He who rested on the seventh day.

And this Law of His a moral Law, a reflection of His character, and
Not only entrusted to ancient Israel, but for everyone in every land.
For tell me, how could such heavenly commandments be for those people alone,
Given that all men benefit from their application, selfless, upright tone?

Oh yes, for He who said don’t steal, covet, lie, kill or commit adultery,
Was simply reiterating the same principles found in Eden, you see.
For there they clearly worshipped God come that same Holy day, praised and honoured Him,
And hardly sought to violate same worthy rules, their wholesome sight clear, not dim,

Until they fell.

And since, excuses aplenty for not keeping God’s sin revealing Law, but why?
For it’s a loving, protective hedge, something that spares us from going awry.
And God due the glory, we existing because of Him, and He knowing best,
And this why we should still keep those ten, enter into that healing Sabbath rest.

Yes, God’s not only a God of love, but law, order and justice — praise His name! —
For pity help us should such not exist; oh, how ill and anarchy would reign.
And hence why I pray that the following will one day be said of you and I,
(As we await the return of our Saviour who on our behalf chose to die):

“Here is the patience of the saints, here are those who keep the commandments
of God and the faith of Jesus” (Rev 14:12, NKJV).

By Lance Landall

"Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary,
we uphold the law (Rom 3:31, ESV)

“ ‘But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than for one stroke of a
letter in the law to be dropped’ ” (Luke 16:17).

"He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar,
and the truth is not in him" (1 John 2:4, NKJV).

28.  A Letter From A "Straight" Christian

My dear Gay friend — all being my brothers and sisters — and to whom no harm I intend, there’s something I would like to convey — and as much as I can, in a respectful way — for while sympathetic to those of you who’re born that way, I as a Christian must go by what God has to say, and why here I refer to His Word, which, sad to say, some folk have distorted, misinterpreted and blurred.

Firstly, God LOVES you, and will continue to, for He loves everyone, and this is why He sent His Son, who, died that you might live via that gift of grace He delights to give, should you accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, repenting and putting aside wrong behaviour, and here’s where we get to the rub, which I hope and pray you won’t snub, for God does not approve of same-sex sexual activity, those Gay love affairs that are cemented publicly, and here, I’d like to help you understand why, for so many of us via our wilfulness Jesus re-crucify, and to be clearer, His patience thus try.
You see, in the beginning, (when only the devil was sinning), the God of order, the master designer — Creator, actually — created both male and female, (this biblical truth, not some evolutionary fairy tale), and said to them, “Go forth and multiply,” hence that often heard loving sigh, that complimentary connecting in line with God’s directing, which in time produces a family, a home where God intended there be security, stability, truth and clarity, nature and humans working in harmony.
But such isn’t the case with same-sex sexual acts, those Gay marriages that confuse and distort such facts, and that thereby, God’s displeasure attracts, for such is not how He intended things be, and why others consider it an offence when we, (without their authority), mess with something that they’ve created — and that God’s very particular, cannot be overstated, and understandably so, for when it comes to getting things right or wrong, He should know, shouldn’t He?
Okay, so you were born that way, sadly, some malfunction having occurred, obviously, and in the womb, undoubtedly, but burdens are what God oft calls us to bear, (even for a lifetime), and they, the sad reality of residing here, and what He wants to free us from eventually, but meantime, we living with our loss, lack or disability, and yes, we calling on His power, leaning on His shoulder day after day, hour after hour, and knowing how Christ went without and suffered, and more so than us — yes, Jesus — and why He understands our plight — in other words, your plight — but never to the point of sanctioning what’s not right, and what He calls sin, His arch-enemy its origin, and why one day He’ll act accordingly, and to those on His left say, “Depart from me,” for wilful sinners and hypocrites hardly deserve eternity.
Yes, He being a Holy God, a righteous God, one who instituted marriage between a male and female, and who when it came to creatures, also created male and female, for He’s a consistent God, an intelligent God, one whose morals, principles, standards-cum-boundaries were designed to protect who He hoped His character, ways and order would reflect, and why men should act like men, and women like women, unisex being another bone of contention, another thing that blurs God’s original intention, and effectively says, “We know better,” hence my cautionary letter.
No, it’s no mere coincidence, friend, bearing in mind Earth’s fast approaching end, that things are in a state of disarray, for humanity has largely gone its own way, it
accepting, doing and sanctioning what offends God, what rightly angers God, thus forcing His hand, and lest folk misunderstand, I’m talking about a day of reckoning, that reward or penalty that He’ll bring, for what kind of God would let rebellion go unpunished-cum-turn a blind eye to those who persist? — and why He said to the woman caught in adultery, “Go, from now on sin no more,” for when it comes to God, sin’s an effrontery.
Yes, we’re talking logic, friend, and why the opposite to God’s will we shouldn’t pursue or defend, and why sex should only occur between a male and female, the marital state too, we thereby letting sense prevail, for sex and marriage between males has less to do with rights and more to do with sin, things going awry, errant appetites — our anatomy affirming these facts-cum-that difference between the sexes that normally attracts, rightly excites, and why men shouldn’t mimic women and women men, but rather, shun the current trend that’s feminizing males and masculinizing females.
But as far as the unchangeable God goes, (and this, the informed Christian knows), it’s only sin that He hates, not the sinner, who, via his or her own choosing-cum-avenue, eternity obtains or forgoes, grace not covering sin but repentant sinners whose changed direction and genuineness shows — in other words, those who refrain from same-sex sexual acts, for here’s the facts: They're not a cultural taboo but a Scriptural taboo, and something that God’s Word, intent and command counteracts.
Yes, in Christ there is no discrimination, but where His Word says this, it's referring to the matter of salvation and not one's sexual orientation, for it was He himself who called such acts an abomination.
And all this being why I can’t go contrary to my God’s will, for were I to condone such acts, there’s a prophecy that I’d fulfil, for God’s Word speaks of a form of godliness, (as opposed to true godliness), which will manifest itself prior to Christ’s return, and which His coming wrath will earn, and the reason why is, because many in His name will pursue the wishes of men rather than His, they going by their feelings and not His Word, even succumbing to what’s preferred, and why we’re told there’ll be a falling away from truth, and what we’re seeing today is clearly proof, and why I’m nailing my flag to a heavenly mast and on the side of God my all have cast, for who hasn’t learnt from this planet’s past and that ancient God-chosen nation that didn’t last, but on the side of the wishes of men, its lot cast?

By Lance Landall

God doesn’t hate homosexuals, He hates homosexuality; God doesn’t hate adulterers, He hates adultery; God doesn’t hate thieves, He hates thievery, and so on.
See my secular article "Regarding Homosexuality, (lesbianism)," which can be seen on my Bits 'n' Bobs page, (page two), the link to it being top and left of my poem list page.

Some biblical references: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Jude 7,8; Romans 1:26-28,32; Phil 3:19. Note also Lev 18:22; 20:13; Deut 22:5; Gen 2:18,22,23; 1:27,28; Matt 19:5,6; Eph 5:31.

29.  Think Before You Knock Fundamentalists

That God himself is a fundamentalist is clear, He strict about His Word,
Stating that no one’s to subtract from it, or add to it, doing what’s preferred,
But rather, upholding it in its entirety, treating it with great care,
For its truths aren’t for sale — and its revelations, there for all to read and share.

Oh yes, God’s a fundamentalist alright, His Law-cum-commands more than proof,
His Word declaring boundaries, pointing out the way, delivering reproof.
Yes, love calling a spade a spade, even chastising, for what parent would not?
And thus God’s love directly related to His justice, free of stain and blot.

Therefore, a Christian who’s not a fundamentalist is hardly like His Lord,
But more an all-embracing liberal who’s travelling on a road that’s too broad.
Hence Christ’s call to get back on the straight and narrow, He not wanting any lost,
For He knows that rebellion can ultimately lead to an eternal cost.

Yes, “Every word of God proves true,” the Bible tells us, it sound and trustworthy,
But not so any fundamentalist who harms, kills or pushes heresy.
For God’s the God of love and truth, His wrath reserved for those who should know better,
For love knows nothing of wrong, and God’s will should be carried out to the letter.

But hey, liberals are seen to err too, many forcing their will on others,
And thereby, or somehow else, they injuring their fellow sisters and brothers.
And thus no one incapable of wrong doing, all of us sinners indeed,
But saved if repentant — and those who truly are, the will of God always heed,

And He, a loving fundamentalist, who, on our behalf, is seen to plead.

Yes, He a fundamentalist Saviour, straight talking, upright, true and clear,
Thus leaving none in doubt as to His wishes, they justifiable and fair.
Oh yes, for love provides a foundation, something sure, sound and beneficial,
Unlike liberality, it shifting sand and at loggerheads with God’s will.

And hence why God has His Law, those principles and standards seen throughout His Word,
All of which have stood the test of time, unlike those worldly ways more oft preferred;
And why folk keep repeating history, for on the wayward side of God’s fence,
There only lies trouble and a fundamental truth: Man’s way never makes sense.

No, Christ was never a radical but just Himself and thus true to His Word.

By Lance Landall

30.  Why Liberal Churches May Appear To Do Well

It’s simple.

They downplay God’s requirements, fudge that "Go and sin no more"
yes, hold certain things back,
And adopt worldly ways, sounds and means — enter the broad road and not Christ’s narrow track.
Belief in Christ sufficient, so in come many with things they should’ve left behind,
And why in time a polluted, sloppy, errant church and man-made worship we find,

Satan thus having gained access, and sound doctrine and holiness far from his mind.

And therefore within, many a green Christian, uninformed, lulled and unaware, who,
Were they told the truth about all God’s requirements, would run out shouting, “No thank you!”
Well, most of them, no doubt, God’s gift of grace being fine but righteousness less appealing,
And hence why each church should be upfront, the Christian walk an act and not a feeling.

And churches not entertainment centres, but houses of prayer and deep devotion,
They set apart for a jealous God who has always condemned self and commotion;
Yes, those scenes where a hunger for truth is missing, and heartfelt obedience too,
And where rather than reverence, there’s a casualness that is rude and askew.

Yes, on the surface things look fine, community deeds ensuring warm fuzzies too,
But God not amused; and under the sun, (Cain’s flawed offering in mind), nothing new.
It clear that man has a penchant for repeating the past, thinking that he knows best,
And why much that is going down in churches today isn’t what the Lord has blessed.

Hence why liberal churches aren’t into the straight word, certain truths being hard to sell,
Thus they settling for what will go down much better and their congregation swell.
And here they displease God again, He who wants all to know His truths, ways and will,
Whether such be received with thanksgiving or shunned by a voice that’s caustic and shrill.

Yes, God's into quality, not quantity, the numbers game being a travesty.

The upshot of this being that many in churches aren't looking at eternity,
But a very sad "Depart from Me," and this, despite their hard out activity.
And the reason being that God knows they'll fail the acid test, that "I surrender all,"
Sin and man's way still having a say; their self-focussed liberality a gall.

Yes, the commitment of many Christians only goes so far, and tread on their toe,
And oh, how they behave so un-Christ-like, and out of their church may be seen to go.
For oft their spiritual muscles are weak, or they just there for the ride, the fun,
And why the Father's given the role of judging to the head of the Church, His Son.

By Lance Landall

“Many [Christians] will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess unto them, ‘I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity’ ” (Matt 7:22,23, KJV).

31.  Provoking God's Wrath

Lay a hand on any child of God’s — all of us His — and anger Him you will,
That kickback coming sooner or later; karma, judgment or both visiting ill.
And fair enough too, for wrong is wrong, and injuring others an evil thing,
And hence why we can expect the worst unless we fall contrite before our King.

However, as I mentioned, and though God forgives, what goes around comes around,
And why hurting others ends up hurting us come some ricochet or rebound.
And to be honest, such deserved, we surely having known better, and more so
As a Christian, for when it comes to injuring, Christ has loudly hollered “No!”

All with good reason, no one having the right to harm others, their fellowman,
And hence why God’s wrath is harder on those who wrongly state that He’s said they can,
For such is not only a lie, but wrongly paints this God of love who died to save,
And who only those whose heart is just like His will resurrect from the grave.

Yes, for though He’s a God who shows amazing grace, He’s a God of justice too,
And He knowing how you would feel if someone hurt a child deeply loved by you.
And oh, how hot you’d feel, but no, “For vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord,”
Who soon will not only descend, but wield His rightful and necessary sword.

By Lance Landall

“ ‘And the King [Christ] will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’ ‘Then He will say to those on the left hand ,‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire [meaning total annihilation] prepared for the devil and his angels’ ” (Matt 25:40,41, NKJV).

32.  Make No Mistake

Okay, so you’ve become a Christian, and that’s great! But before you became one,
Did you commit a crime, let’s say rape or murder someone, rob and point a gun,
And haven’t owned up, done the time? Oh dear,
Because the God who won’t forgive those who don’t forgive others who’ve hurt them,
Will hardly cover you with His grace, but rather, your sad omission condemn,

For God will bring every hidden thing into judgment — and He means everything! —
Yes, nothing escaping His notice, He not sheltering crims under His wing.
For though you’ve asked Him for forgiveness, there’s a victim and those earthly laws too,
Laws which Scripture says obey, (except where it clashes with His Law, I must tell you).

Okay, so you’re sorry, regret the wrong you’ve done, and I really feel for you,
God too, but it’s the putting right that counts here, and what He expects all to do.
For why should you get away with rape or murder, be hidden behind God’s grace?
And thus all this another good reason why God’s judgment has its rightful place.

And isn’t justice what you demand too? Of course, and why it must work for all,
No one getting away with anything — well, not ultimately — hence God’s call.
For though a God of love, He’s a God of justice too, so look out anyone
Whose ill is being hidden behind some religion, (nothing new under the sun),

Or who’s foolishly thinking such unconfessed evil is hidden by the Son,
For even when a crime’s confessed to God, earthly laws state that time must be done.
And so, hard as that may be, one must duly front up and pay the penalty,
Lest they for fear of prison, or what folk might think, miss out on eternity.

Once saved always saved? Another heresy that has entered Christianity.

By Lance Landall

“And as he [Paul] reasoned about righteousness and self-control and the coming judgment,
Felix was alarmed…” (Acts 24:25, ESV).

“For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is
good or evil” (Eccl 12:14, NIV).


Best we choose to see what we need to see than be forced to see what pains more to see.

Until we regard every human as a precious and sacred creation, (never to be violated in any way), and the well-being of creatures and this Earth as our duty, we’ll never progress beyond where we are, except in mere outward appearance perhaps.

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